Contingency Program

For the new 2021 season we are continuing to give back to the Mayako drivers worldwide. It has been an amazing journey so far, and we appreciate the followers we have. As such, we continue the contingency program for everyone running a Mayako car, not only for our sponsored drivers. So anyone racing a Mayako buggy has a chance to win cash money, or store credit to go towards Mayako kits, spares or option parts. Please see the below information for the rules and the current list of races for which the contingency applies.

2021 Rules

2021 Races


マヤコ Mayako has a fresh approach, with a membership program allowing for behind the scenes access for car development, prototype parts and first hand information. Along with personalisable cars only available direct from the factory, Mayako is unique in the Scale Motorsports Industry.

マヤコMayako Head Office

マヤコMayako Europe

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