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Mayako Community Call

The Calling

Mayako Community Call

We want to show everyone how Mayako and the Mayako Performance Community thrive and works.

What is a better way than ask the community itself?

The Goal is that Mayako create small 30-60secs videos about the Community to share on the official Mayako Social Media Channels

We need your help!

How it works!

We ask you answer them truefully the following questions so we can share them on Social Media:

  •  Why you chose Mayako?
  • Your favorite part of the Mayako Cars?
  • Your favorite part of the Membership Program?
  • Why you are a MPC Member?
  • What was your most memorable experience in the MPC Community?

You don’t have to answer all questions if you don’t want! Every bit counts!

Take Action!

What we expect

When you record the Video, we ask tat you follow the following points for consistency:

  • Add a 3 Seconds quiet delay in front and after your answer
  • It doesn’t need to be in English, we are a worldwide community!
  • Record in Portrait format on the best quality possible
  • Ensure a good environment
    • Quiet(No Engine Noises in the Background)
    • Well illuminated
    • Themed Background, trackside, Pits, Driverstands or generally, RC related is a plus!
  • Maybe show off your favorite Mayako shirt and your car in the video
  • Be honest about your experience with Mayako and the Community
  • Please do not release your clip prior to Mayako sharing
  • Feel free to send in bloopers or outtakes
Send us your work!

How to submit

Upload it to your favourite Google Drive/OneDrive or Public File Sharing Service and send us the downloadlink per E-Mail or submit the link with the form below.

Alternative methods to send the video are suggested below:

For every submission we use we will send a small gift to your e-mail address as thank you for your time!

Disclaimer: When you submit your Video you aggree that Mayako have the right to use it for promotional usage.

Fill it out!


    Mail it!

    Information for E-mail a submittion

    Please ensure follow content in the E-Mail when send to

    • Customer Name
    • Download link for the Video
    • Subtitle Text in English if you record the answer in a different language
    • Yes or No if you want to be Named in the social media posts


    マヤコ Mayako has a fresh approach, with a membership program allowing for behind the scenes access for car development, prototype parts and first hand information. Along with personalisable cars only available direct from the factory, Mayako is unique in the Scale Motorsports Industry.

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    マヤコMayako Europe

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