The idea behind the design of our first buggy is simple. Create a car which is as good, or better than the best on the market, immediately. Make it extremely adjustable, but within a well defined window, and then use this as a base to develop from. Our designer Joseph Quagraine had innovative new ideas, but we did not allow him free reign. We wanted to be sure that the car will be competitive immediately. We are entering the 2022 RCGP World Series with World Champion David Ronnefalk, and Worlds Finalist Alex Zanchettin, both capable of winning races for us immediately. We need a car that can win now, not one that needs time to develop. This will be the job once the car is released.

Our approach is a bit different to the other brands on the market. We are not doing this to maximise our car sales, and return on investment on moulds or designs. We are doing this to win, and as such the pace of development will be fast. Once we get going, we hope to improve fast, and find a new direction for 1:8th scale nitro buggy! There will be new versions each year, with the early years possibly seeing more substantial changes, but future years having more of a 4 year rotation, where the platform is developed for 4 years, and then a larger change is made as needed, and the process continues again.

During 2022 we will also release a prototypes of an Electric 1:8th Buggy based on the nitro version, and possibly even a Nitro Truck. These are the platforms we will be supporting in coming years, buggy and truck, nitro and electric.


マヤコ Mayako has a fresh approach, with a membership program allowing for behind the scenes access for car development, prototype parts and first hand information. Along with personalisable cars only available direct from the factory, Mayako is unique in the Scale Motorsports Industry.

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