2021 is a big year for マヤコ Mayako, the year our project is launched publicly, and along with our MPC Members the Mayako 1:8th Nitro Buggy Prototype is finished into a production kit. But 2022 is arguably an even bigger year. Hopefully the world will open back up post Covid-19, and we can get back to racing. In preparation for 2022, we are looking for Dealers & Drivers Worldwide:

– Exclusive dealers who run a Service Center, and also supply additional Service Centers around their country with parts.

– Service Centers who carry parts supporting the local racing scene. This can be as simple as a Mayako driver that carries parts to local races.

– Become a MPC-Member and earn special benefits in our new community.

– Mayako will be fielding a RCGP Team in 2022, we need Pro Drivers!

Please contact us by email: – General Inquiries – Sales Inquiries


マヤコ Mayako has a fresh approach, with a membership program allowing for behind the scenes access for car development, prototype parts and first hand information. Along with personalisable cars only available direct from the factory, Mayako is unique in the Scale Motorsports Industry.

マヤコMayako Head Office

マヤコMayako Europe

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